People Bingo

People Bingo


     People Bingo is a fun first week get-to-know each other speaking activity. Or, it can be used later in the semester as a grammar or vocabulary reinforcement activity.



Materials: One copy of the Bingo sheet for each student.



                Before copying the sheet, in each box, write or type sentences like this:


                     "_____________ has 3 or more sisters."


                     "_____________ has worked in a restaurant."


                     "_____________ hates pizza."


                     "_____________ speaks 3 or more languages."     etc.

           (You can design the questions by level, vocabulary, content/topic, or grammar point)


                Click here for PEOPLE BINGO BLANK GRID.doc





Have students walk around the room asking questions to other students, such as "How many sisters do you have?" "Have you ever worked in a restaurant?" "Do you like pizza?" "How many languages do you speak?" 



When they find a student who answers "yes" to the question, they write the student's name in the box. Tell students to come tell you when they have a bingo. (I like to reward the first three who get a bingo with a simple prize, such as candy or a late coupon for an assignment.)



There are only two rules:


1. Students can only write the same person in two boxes. They can write their own name twice.


2. Students may not hand their paper to anyone to sign. They need to ask the questions and write down their classmates' names themselves.


Have everyone stand up and begin. After a reasonable amount of time, blink the lights to have students go back to their seats. Then go over some or all of the answers and get to know your students!