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Do It Yourself Games

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Do It Yourself Games require a little preparation on the part of the instructor.  They aren't too hard, but read ahead to be prepared.  As always add your own.



What's the Question?

Level:                 any level

Type of Activity:  listening and speaking

Purpose:             review question forms previously studied in class


Form two teams (three will work, but two seems to add just the right amount of competitive tension).


Explain the game with a few examples of answers in search of questions.  Ask, "What's the question?", and get students to correctly say the corresponding questions for your answer.  Example:  A penny.  Question:  What coin is worth 1 cent?


Have two players...one from each team...come to the front of the room.  Style it like a game show if you like with students standing side-by-side.  If you have access to bells or buzzers, it's even more fun.


Next, read an answer to a question and say, "What's the question?"  The fastest player to respond wins a point for his/her team.  New contestants come to the front for a new round.


Rationale:            This game forces students to think backwards a little.  They must provide a grammatically correct question.  All too often, students are only used to answering question rather than asking them.  This is challenging and useful as a review and to prepare students for Jeopardy type games.


Submitted by:       Tim

Source:                 http://iteslj.org/c/games.html (4/29/08)




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